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2023: Year of Covenant's New Look

April 26, 2023
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It's already April but 2023 has been a year of change for Covenant Community Care. First and foremost, our new logo (see above)! We started the re-design journey in 2021 and are incredibly pleased with the result after working with the excellent Jeff Miller. Jeff visited, interviewed, investigated, and dug deep to discover the essence of Covenant. His description of the final product is enlightening.

"This fresh new design features a prominent healthcare cross rendered to highlight a pathway towards care (as seen in how the negative space extends inward and ultimately converges upward in a graceful arc). The cross is also slanted forward and rendered with implied motion to illustrate Covenant’s advance in bringing integrated, affordable, and quality healthcare to those who need it most.

A subtle gradient fill of color brings further depth and three-dimensionality to the icon, causing it to appear as one connected ribbon, again signifying care that bridges or reaches across existing divides. The icon’s swoops and curves mimic the serifs found in the wordmark and give an overall appearance of a caring organization in the health care space.

The friendly, approachable typeface here plays into the notion of Covenant being a neighborhood/hometown clinic and a trustworthy partner in care that shows compassion for every patient. The final raspberry and plum hues presented here are based on the original logo’s burgundy color for a fresh and updated look while giving a nod to the source of the word 'Covenant' which is the “new wine” of the new covenant in Jesus’ blood."

We're grateful to have found an artist like Jeff and thrilled to present these changes to our supporters. We should also note that the site you're on right now is another product of Jeff's creativity and ingenuity - he helped us create a new website.

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