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After their second visit, Dr. Jeffrey Ghioto, Covenant's Westland Medical Director, referred patient Lorenzo to a stress test after hearing irregular sounds while checking his heart with a stethoscope.The results of the test were not good: Lorenzo had major problems with his aortic valves and needed an emergency quadruple heart bypass.“[After] I had my procedure, I walked my first 300 feet, I looked up to the heavens [and] said, ‘God, something's not right. Two days later, they had to break my sternum again [and] go back in.”After his second surgery, Lorenzo’s health rapidly declined. “My kidneys had shut down, [and] I was on temporary dialysis. My heart had stopped, my wife was crying. She had everyone on the phone talking to me. I was praying and I remember [a] young [nurse] was massaging my heart. Her name was Angel, and everything just came back. I came through it.”Lorenzo was in the worst place, after he left the hospital. This marathon runner and independent person was relegated to a bed, unable to walk or perform basic functions for himself. “I had to hold on a walker. I couldn’t walk and I had to stay upstairs. I had to have nurses come to my house.” Yet his mind, body, and spirit persisted, and he was determined to work.

Lorenzo finished his physical rehabilitation in just 26 weeks and credits his life to God & his connection to Covenant.

Covenant is a place people like Lorenzo can come and develop loving relationships with compassionate medical, dental, and behavioral health providers.

God used the team at Covenant Westland to play a part in saving Lorenzo’s life, and our Westland clinic is open today because of partner organizations, churches, and supporters like you.

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