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Several years ago, Junail Hill was diagnosed with stage III cancer. Because of the cancer she had to take time off from work as a medical services administrator. When she was able to return to work, Ms. Hill was in so much pain from the treatments that she eventually lost her job. She then lost her apartment and moved in with a relative. Eventually, the living situation deteriorated and by early 2015 she was compelled to leave with nowhere else to go. In a short time, she went from earning a steady income and having her own place to living on the street.

The moment Ms. Hill walked through the doors of Covenant Community Care she knew something was different. “At my first visit, I saw a nurse calming a patient. I couldn’t help but pay attention. It was her choice of words and her mannerisms.” Immediately, she felt at ease.

“Covenant Staff played a great role in opening doors for me. Dr. Kai Palm was caring, she really listened and helped me keep the faith. There is that saying ‘in one ear and out the other.’ It was the exact opposite. She was concerned about me, asked about things and remembered details from my previous visits.”

Through the help of an attorney, Junail qualified for a housing voucher program and she located an apartment. In November 2015, she moved into her new place. All the while, she was regularly cared for at Covenant.

“God was keeping me! I would pour out my heart to Dr. Palm. I was always anxious to get to the clinic for that support. I just needed to tell her about the good things that were happening.”

Junail continues to get primary care at Covenant. She says of her experience, “Covenant people are people of God. If I hadn’t gone I would not be here today. They set me on the right path.”

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