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Blanche, from Detroit says she was “born into sadness.” She was abused physically, mentally, and emotionally most of her life.  Her sadness turned into “depression, loneliness, pain and a broken spirit.”

“I was sinking into despair and depression on a daily basis…my days got darker and darker.  I was unable to care for myself mentally and emotionally...I just went through the motions pretending that I was ok, but clearly I wasn’t.”

Years ago, Blanche’s sister was diagnosed with breast cancer.   Covenant Community Care’s Joy Road Medical Director Dr. Kai Palm called to check on her after the surgery, and it made a big impression on Blanche. When
she needed to change her doctor because the practice no longer accepted her insurance, her sister suggested she go to Covenant.

The moment she met Dr. Palm and Nurse Smith she knew that they cared about their patients.

“I know when I come to Covenant, I know without a doubt…I’m going to be taken care of like I [am] a Queen. [When] I walk in…from the front door to the back…we are taken care of and that’s what sets [Covenant] apart.  I now want to come to the doctor because I know…I am going to get taken care of.

Blanche never thought she had purpose or that she mattered until she got connected with a support group at Covenant Community Care. It was there she realized she was bruised but not broken.

Covenant’s Joy Road Staff Psychologist Dr. Michelle McGarrity worked with Blanche for years to
get her to see her true potential.

“I just remember, typical when you’re struggling with depression you feel so…there’s this unmerited guilt. I just said [to myself] this person that’s presenting here and what she’s thinking and feeling about herself do not go together. But the block of the depression will not allow [her] to see that. And so, I was just like ‘we’re going to get to that place. This time next year it will be a different story as long as you show up for yourself.’”

She is now walking in God’s power and grace.

“I stand before you victorious and free. Free from the bondage. I stand before you, whole and redeemed in Jesus name.”

Dr. McGarrity can attest to the transformation.

“The person I know now when I look back on that day… it’s very hard…Wow! Talk about complete change! But it was something you could see in [Blanche]. You could see those good qualities…love on the inside. [She] deserve[d] to express those things, and depression was clouding [the vibrant colors].”

Because of your support, we can provide physical, emotional, and spiritual healing to everyone who needs it. Nobody deserves to be abused, neglected, or rejected. People deserve to express the beauty that God has put in their hearts and minds.  

Your belief in our mission provides our patients with access to faith-based primary care and to mental health services including the gifts of support groups and one-on-one counseling. You give our people the courage to share their stories and inspire them to help others who are struggling.

Blanche’s long-term goal is to speak to suicide survivors, or people who are contemplating suicide, because of the healing she received at Covenant Community Care,

“I see myself in a group, where there are round tables and I want to shake every one’s hand... so they can touch me and know I’m the person that survived all this stuff that you’re hearing.  Me, my nice looking self, with my suit, I survived this, and I survived for you.”

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