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Orice Dennis, Security and Maintenance Specialist Cuts Royal Oak Clinic Hedge into the Shape of a Heart

July 27, 2020
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Orice Dennis has been working at Covenant Community Care for 5 years as a Security and Maintenance Specialist at our Royal Oak Clinic. Orice found Covenant Community Care after he was contracted to work security at the Royal Oak Clinic by a previous employer. Once this contract ended, Orice continued to come to the Royal Oak clinic as a volunteer to water the flowers, fix things in the building, and help out in the staff kitchen. After a little while, Vicky Johnson, Royal Oak Clinic's Nurse Clinic Manager, called Orice to ask if he would come on staff as the Security and Maintenance Specialist, a position they designed just for him.

When asked why Orice loves Covenant he shared, "the people … the staff and the patients." The patients touch his heart, "…you do the smallest things for them and it means so much." Orice shared a story of how one patient particularly stood out to him. When this patient comes to the office, they both take a genuine interest in each other's lives and make sure to look out for one another at the next visit. When reflecting on his interactions with patients, he said, "… (the patients) just make your day…"

Orice reflected on how COVID-19 has been stressful and difficult for staff and patients. While cutting the hedges in front of the Royal Oak clinic, he made an effort to cut one into the shape of a heart. Orice shared with us, "…what would be a better way for Covenant to spread the love than to have a heart in front of our building..."

"…We're in a time that is stressful and difficult…folks are afraid…just to see a smile and wave… to see a heart…you see that people care about you and are working from the heart..."

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