Covenant Community Care’s Royal Oak clinic closed permanently in December 2022. Find out how this may impact you.
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Cost for Services

There will be no out of pocket cost for services provided. If the patient has dental insurance, we will bill the insurance company directly. This includes Medicaid; if duplicate services are obtained at another dental office, insurance benefits may be affected. If the patient has no dental coverage, the services are provided free of charge.

Why Participate?

Covenant’s mobile dental program is professional, convenient, and adheres to the highest level of infection control, safety and care. By bringing our dental services to the community site location, dental care is made accessible to those who need it most. Participation will promote quality oral health while removing barriers to dental care. For school-aged children, oral health and school success are connected. Kids miss 51 million hours of school every year due to oral health problems (most of which could have been prevented). When kids are absent from school because of dental problems, they may have a harder time learning to read and may get lower grades than kids with healthy teeth. Kids with dental problems may have more trouble smiling, speaking, sleeping and learning at school. Help your child show up for school every day healthy and ready to learn by developing good oral health habits early!

How to Sign Up

Participants must meet income-based guidelines and complete a consent form. Each consent form is valid for one calendar year. Contact the mobile team manager for more detailed information.

What If Further Dental Care Is Needed?

If advanced care services are required, Covenant has 2 full-service family dental clinics. They are located near the intersection of Michigan Ave and Junction Ave in Southwest Detroit, and Moross Rd. and I-94 on Detroit’s Eastside. Community-based patients can schedule appointments by contacting this program directly, or by contacting the Covenant Dental Clinic of their choice. Lyft transportation is provided at no charge to qualifying patients.