Covenant Community Care’s Royal Oak clinic closed permanently in December 2022. Find out how this may impact you.
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Community Outreach

When the poor and marginalized can’t make it to our clinics, we bring our services to where they are out in the community.

Mobile Dental Team

Our mobile dental team consists of board-certified dentists, dental hygienists and dental assistants. We work in concert to provide preventative dental care. These services include: dental examinations, x-rays, cleanings, sealants, flouride treatments, oral hygiene instruction and oral health education opportunities for both adults and children. At select sites, extractions and fillings can be done. Our mobile team will bring all essential dental equipment and supplies to the requesting site. An indoor open space with access to water and electricity is all we need and our team will do the rest!

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Homeless Outreach

The Homeless Outreach Program serves daily on the streets of Detroit, and provides care to people where they are at (under highway overpasses, in broken down trailers, in abandoned buildings, and in hidden urban encampments), works with them to navigate the present day healthcare system, and dispels the obstacles of anxiety, fear and mistrust.

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