Covenant Community Care’s Royal Oak clinic closed permanently in December 2022. Find out how this may impact you.
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Joe lives in a broken down trailer on Detroit’s west side. It rests on cinder blocks and all the windows are smashed in. Joe recently had all of his toes amputated and his bandages were soiled and old.

Through Covenant’s Homeless Outreach program, Stanley Stinson serves people like Joe. Stanley’s passion for serving others is palpable and he has cared for the poor, through medicine, around the world. Stanley also used to be homeless as a younger man. He doesn’t wait for folks to come to our clinics; instead he goes out to them. Stanley has a special connection with those he serves because he understands what it is like to be homeless.

Stanley washed and re-bandaged Joe’s feet, and then arranged a doctor’s appointment for Joe the very next day at Covenant’s Michigan Avenue clinic.

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